901 Jams

Brianna Elise Christian is the host of 901 Jams. It’s the number 1 hottest music video television show. The show plays music videos from upcoming Memphis artist. 901 Jams attracts over 2.3 million viewers. It gives people an opportunity to showcase their talents around the Mid South. Brianna is entering season 3 as 901 Jams host and she tells everyone the secrets of getting their music video on the 901 Jams countdown.


Q: How did you get the opportunity to host 901 Jams?        
A: I helped host a show with baller entertainment and I guess the producers really liked me so they reached out to me to host one of their new shows, once the contract was signed I immediately started filming and doing promo for the show. I was very excited and felt right at home because I had been hosting basically my whole life.


Q: What past experience do you have with hosting?

A: At the age of 10 I was blessed with my own radio show on Radio Disney and KWAVE.biz

Q:What tv host influence you the most?
A: I would have to say that Tyra banks influenced me the most, because as you all know I also have a career in modeling, seeing her be able to host and model at the same time influenced me to want to continue hosting and modeling. It isn’t easy juggling both but watching Ms.Banks really helped me.


Q: How can an artist get their music video played on 901 Jams?

A: All they have to do is email (ballertv@yahoo.com) videos (clean edits) to the show and we will play it. Artist can also compete for a chance to hold the spot of  #1 video of the week.

Q: How do you choose your locations?
 A: I personally enjoy going around the city to film the show because the truth of the matter is you aren’t going to find talent if you aren’t out there on the streets meeting people.


Q: What is your favorite episode of 901 Jams?
A: I would have to say my all-time favorite episode of 901jams was when we were shooting on Beale street there was so much soul and liveliness. I felt like I was truly in the heart of Memphis and was able to capture the essence of it all on video for the world to see. It was truly amazing!

Q: When is the season 3 premiere of 901 Jams? 

A: I am not able to say an exact date but be on the lookout February 2018! Season 3 of 901jams will be coming soon to a tv near you so stay tuned.

Q: How does it feel to be in season 3?
A: Honestly being able to say that I am in season 3 makes me really emotional because many people doubted the show, and its ability to make it this far. I always knew that 901 jams would be a huge success. On our first week, we had the highest ratings that the network had in over a year reaching 2.3million viewers or more if I am not mistaken.

Q: What other projects are you working on?
A: Right now I am currently shooting for 901jams, and another show that I can’t really give too many details about, but it will be very awesome! I am also reaching new heights in my modeling career I have signed a contract with a major clothing company, and so much more. I also attend the University of Memphis where I am seeking my bachelors in chemical engineering.


Q: How does your God Father Darius Mccrary and Mother Felicia Christian influence your career?
A: Both my mother and godfather played a HUGE role in developing me into the host that I am today! Seeing them both in the entertainment industry really encouraged me and helped me to see my talents. They really taught me a lot and helped guide me every step of the way while showing me how to work hard for what I wanted in life, as well as my career. Those two are the most influential people in my life and I truly am thankful for them both.


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