Blessing the Streets

6FiggaDee just dropped his music video  for “Can’t be Trusted” on YouTube and is almost reaching 1,000 views . He is in the works of his new mixtape ” Street Blessing 2″ that is expected  to be released by the end of September.

Last night I got the chance to talk with the South Memphis rapper. His music has surfaced all around Memphis and even has drawn the attention of T.I and gained a repost from Hustle Gang.  During our conversation, we talked about his past, present and future plans in the rap game. I got a better understanding of who he is as a person and as a rapper.

Q. What neighborhood do you represent in South Memphis?

A. Hillview, The Alcy area.

Q. Did you put HillView on your music first; if so how did they respond?

A. Yes, I got a good feedback from my hood that’s when I took it to social media and when I got a good feedback from social media I put out my first mixtape.

Q.Would you say its hard being a South Memphis based rapper?

A. Yea, its hard because the rappers that’s from South Memphis don’t f*ck with rappers that’s in South Memphis.

Q. What would you say that sets you apart from the other Memphis rappers?

A. How I present myself, my style of raps its everything what I’ve experience.

Q. What single was it that got the Alcy streets hype?

A. NBA (Nothing But Alcy)

Q. A big thing in Memphis music is rap beef how do you avoid it?

A.Its hard to dodge Memphis rap beef when you start to get on a certain level that’s when rappers try to beef with you just to promote themselves and to brand their music. I simply ignore it!



Q. How many songs can we expect on Street Blessing 2 ?

A. 15

Q. What inspired you have the quote “Death Before Dishonor” on the cover of your mixtape? 

A. Nino Brown from the movie “New Jack City”

Q. What producer did you mostly work with on this mixtape?

A. YS Trakkz  

Here is a look at 6FiggaDee New Video “Can’t Be Trusted”

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