Meet Krucial

“Aye Clay, Aye Clay keep all that in there Aight” which you can hear in the middle of Finese2tymes “Going Straight In”. Clay who goes by the name Krucial spends most of his time in Ardent Studios producing for underground artists around the Mid-South but behind the scene there is a beat that doesn’t stop.

On Yesterday I got a chance to have a one on one interview with the young producer, about his relationship with Wiz Khalifa, working with Finese2tymes, his new mixtape “Verne” and his journey as a producer.


Q: What inspired you to even want to become apart of the music, is music something you want to pursue full time?

A: I’ve wanted to do more on the producing side I really wanted to become a music engineer to stop paying for studio time and I started to like it and appreciate it.

Q: What artist have you previously worked with?

A: JayFizzle, KeyGlock, Finese2tymes, MoneyBagg Yo the list goes on

Q: When working with artist do you ever think that you should push your music career more.

A: Of Course



Krucial with Wiz Khalifa in Memphis,TN

Q:  How did you develop a relationship with Wiz Khalifa? 

A. I met his cousin in 2013, on  Xbox live I would play my music and he told me he liked it and he could send my samples to Wiz. In 2014 I was invited by his cousin Gabe to Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee which is a music festival that Wiz was headlining.

Q: Did you accept the invite?

A: Initially, my parents were skeptical of me going at first but I found away to sneak out the house and Gabe got me a plane ticket to meet them in Machester.

Q: How did you react to seeing Wiz Khalifa in person?

A: I was starstruck I really admire him, I was 17 and I felt like I really made it when I shooked his hand then he told me he was a fan of my music.


Q. How did the relationship grow from 2014 to 2017

A:  At first we would text, facetime etc but we kept the conversation short.  We talk almost every day now, Wiz will rock with anyone who he sees potential in as long as you working he talk to you.

Q: Have you discuss collaborating together on a project?

A: We talked about a deal, but I never came across collaborating.

Krucial with Memphis Rapper, Finese2tymes

Q. When did you first start working with  Finese2tymes? 

In October of 2016 he was booked a session at the studio I was working at and he came in looking like he was fresh out of the penitentiary.

Q: What was your first impression of him?

A: I wasn’t too interested or attentive in his project. He pulled me to the side and talk to me about how bad he needed me to stay focus.

Q: Did you know that “Going Straight In” would become a hit 

A: I was surprised that it took off like it did.

Q: Since then what project have you been working on?

A: Well, I’ve been pushing my own project “Verne” which is my latest mixtape that was released on Tuesday, August 1.

Q: Where did the name Verne come from?

A: I honestly don’t know something I came up with

Q:  How did you up with the cover art?

It came from a book called “Behold a Pale Horse”


Q: Whats in the future for you?

A: I’m really stuck I feel like Kanye me rapping is cool but people want to see me mixing and engineering

For Business Inquiries Contact: Instagram: BigKrucial














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