Tatted to the Beatz

Last week I sat down to interview Paris The Beat Ninja. Find out the ins and out of this Memphis producer below.

Why do you produce?

“I use making beats to express who I am, it’s how I communicate, its a stress reliever. I channel my aggression through making beatz, its like therapy for me. People will understand all of my emotions through my beats.”

Why music?

“I’ve always look for the right words to say without saying them but how can you express yourself without offending people? ”

When was the Beat Ninja born?

“Back in 2012 I was preparing to move to Orlando, FL the nervousness and excitement started to kick in, somehow I downloaded an app to my Iphone and boom there it was my first beat.

I kept my talent a secret for a while until I perfected my craft. In early 2013, I started to promote myself on Instagram and Twitter by tagging and messaging local artist. Things moved quickly  and I produced the intro for FastCash Boyz first mixtape “Trapping Out The Booth”. That was my first real project as ParisTheBeatNinja the producer.”Image result for @onenightonparis instagram

Who all have you worked with?

“I’ve worked with artist such as: Kash, Swagg Lord, Tino and Winter Starr.”

Whats next for Beat Ninja?

“In upcoming projects I would like to work with Ace Boogie I feel like he is the most underrated rapper in the City.  I will also like to work with Jfetti, Key Glock, Finessee2tymes and any other artist that are interested in the City.”

For business inquries ParisTheBeatNinjaMusic14@gmail.com 


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