Tracks and Fields

Producing music with a degree all while balancing being an athlete. “I’ve never let one interfere with the other, in the same boat they go hand in hand” said CMO.

Christian Morris is a 6 foot 6 inches former Offensive Tackle for the University of Mississippi where he graduated and now he is continuing his football eligibility at Tennessee State University.

Behind the books and off the field there is a producer that goes by the name of  “CMO”. He has been producing going on a year in a half after being told that he wouldn’t be able to play football again due to an injury.  While thinking quickly of his next move he discovered an interest and passion for music .

He started making beats on his laptop in his dorm room in between classes and practice. He first produced “Smooth Criminal” for FastCashBoyz, who he already knew personally. CMO went on to produce for rappers Machie, Munchie2times and Side Nicca Jimmy (just to name a few).

The work of Zaytoven and TM88 inspires him, and in the future he would like to work with any artist that is willing and has the same passion for music as he does.

For business inquiries contact or (901)240-1908





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